The Strength of Haven Infra Projects lies in its being a company managed by professionals with considerable technical expertise in the field of architectural design, construction & project management. The two technical heads are:

D R J Kothandaraman

Architect & C.E.O

of Haven Infra Projects and Power Ltd., heads Business development and Project Management. He is an architect from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai. 

Meena Chandrasekharan

Architect & Managing Director

of Haven Infra Projects and Power Ltd., is the Design & Creative head, and is an architect from the School of Architecture and planning, Anna University, Chennai. 

Technical Associates

Power Sector

Technical Support :

      TEKNOZO RENEW ENERGY PVT. LTD. is headed by Subiah Gounder Jagadeeswaran, with a career in wind energy systems. They provide technical support in all key aspects of installing, commissioning, trading, importing, exporting, buying, selling and dealing in all kinds of renewable energy systems. They themselves have verticals in manufacturing, service and testing of wind turbine generators, components and spares.

Turbine Supplier :

      CHIRANJJEEVI WIND ENERGY LIMITED is the company which supplies the CWEL C-30/250Kw Wind Electric Turbine for our Wind Projects. They are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company manufactures and supplies wind electric generators to set up wind farms to generate power. Their CWEL C-30/250 is CWET certified Wind Electric Generator is a three bladed, stall regulated upward wing WEG with installed power of 250 KW and a 29.8m rotor diameter, with Active Yaw system.

Erection Support :

      SRI GANESH WIND POWER ENGINEERS (P) LIMITED gives us the manpower and machinery for the erection and assembly of the windmill. They are a leading service provider in the Wind energy sector, extending service to National agencies ( state and central departments ). As the members of World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and African Wind Energy Association (AFWEA), they have a sound place in the field of Wind Energy Systems.


Of special advantage to Haven Infra Projects and Power Ltd., is the technical association with its parent company, which is a professional architectural services consultancy. Business systems have been implemented to ISO levels and there is considerable flow of technical-knowledge capital between the companies. Design Haven Consultancy has been in existence for the past 21 years, since 1994, and has climbed from strength to strength, offering comprehensive services in the fields of Architectural Design, Structural Design, Civil Engineering Works, Interior Design and Interior Works Execution. Both Architectural/Civil and Interior projects are under taken on a turnkey basis or purely design-only basis. The designs are drawn in AutoCAD and modeling is done in 3D studio, Photoshop and Sketchup.

Machinery,Equipment & Manpower

ManPower Different deparments

      The second rung of manpower are as follows, in the various departments :

Projects Department

Four Senior Engineers, Ten Project Engineers, Twelve Junior Engineers, and Sixteen Site Supervisors. 

Design Department

Two Architects, Three draughtsman, Three Quantity Surveyor Engineers. 

Purchase, marketing, accounting and administrative department

Fifteen executives.

Machineries & Equipment

The company has extensive machinery and equipment for civil construction including batching plants, concrete mixing machines, formwork materials, vibrators, a 90 MT crane, 115 MT with hydraulic boom, 200 MT crane with lattice boom type and miscellaneous instruments.

Labour forces

      On the company rolls are the following types of skilled & unskilled construction labour

Formwork :

Barbenders / Fitters, Carpenters / Fitters

Masonry work :

Skilled Masons., Skilled labour, Unskilled ale labour,Unskilled female labour

Carpenters :

Skilled Carpenters, Helper Carpenters

Electricians :

Skilled Labour, Helper Labour

Plumbers :

Skilled Labour, Helper Labour


Water proofing Technicians

Tile Masons